Our Story

Our story goes back 30 years, when the idea of assisting visitors to create memorable travel experience emerged from the strong desire to show Morocco with the eyes of a connoisseur. The founder of ALM Taoufik Madih was since childhood animated by the passion of meeting and exchanging with different people and from different culture. During many years he had noticed from the eyes of foreign visitors’ curiosity and astonishment based on a mystical idea and apprehension about Morocco. This was a starting point for giving to travelers the possibility to discover a culture made from a rich historical heritage. My vision was starting a business that provides a wonderful travel experience connected to high services quality with as main inspiration my father words. « Whatever you chose to do in life just do it very well and sell to your clients exactly what you would like to buy for your self » For us the customer experience is the main aspect of our work. Constant traveler satisfaction had grown our reputation as a reliable partner.

Our Services

ALM is destination management company with the mission to deliver the highest level of service to our exclusive network of leisure and corporate partners and clients.
With over 30 years experience in the travel sector, we have grown to a highly reputed and respected company in Morocco and we have built an expertise, which allows us to offer you completely customized luxury journeys and inspiring itineraries for leisure or corporate trips in Morocco.
Our expertise and knowledge allow us to design tailor made packages, to plan business travels, to organize luxury events, and to provide exclusive consultancies that will give you the chance to visit Morocco not as tourist but as an explorer with a connoisseurs’ view.
As dedicated team of specialists we cover every facet of a travel experience offering a deep view of every Moroccan city. We act as support with the best possible personal service at all times anywhere in Morocco.
We are diligently prepared to handle unusual requests and proactively suggest cutting edge ideas in order to create once in a lifetime experiences based on each members individual taste and preferences.
Whether you know exactly where you want to go or you need some inspiration, ALM is here to guide you and to create a journey that will surpass your expectations. We are constantly seeking for new ideas that will make your trip not an ordinary travel but a great and memorable experience.